HDPE Pipes IS-4984 (2016)

High-Density Polyethylene Pipe with superior strength and longevity.

  • Fresh Water Supplies
  • Waste Water Disposal
  • Effluents of Varied Chemical Composition
  • Electricity cables supply pipes

Sprinkler Irrigation System IS-14151 (Part 2)

Sprinkler Irrigation System accurately designed to achieve high irrigation efficiency.
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Water Conveyance Pipes IS-14151 (Part 1) (UGPL)

Water Conveyance Pipe that can withstand high internal pressure, resistant to corrosion and is durable

  • Fresh Water Supplies
  • Drainage

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Jal Jeevan Mission Pipes

(High-Density Polyethylene ) Pipes that are resilient, durable and offer cost-effective solutions for the conveyance of potable water, irrigation other applications.
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Sewage Hdpe Pipes

Sewage HDPE Pipes has become the ideal piping solution for public and private sewer and wastewater systems in recent years
hdpe pipes SI-14333

Hdpe Pipes 14333

HDPE Pipes manufactured as per IS 14333:1996 are being extensively used for SEWERAGE AND SEWERAGE WATER TREATMENT PLANT(STP) in both Urban as well as Rural Areas.