Water Conveyance Pipes IS-14151 (Part 1) (UGPL)

Water Conveyance Pipes IS-14151 (Part 1) (UGPL)

PVC Water Conveyance Pipes IS-14151 has become very famous in both rural and urban areas, owing to their exceptional properties like corrosion-resistant, lightweight and feasible costs. At Bharat Polymers all our Water Conveyance Pipes have the ability to endure high water pressure and all these pipes are resistant to alkalines, inorganic acids and salts. Our products are designed by our experienced think tank ensuring our client deserves top quality services at feasible prices.

Materials :

  • PE-63

Product Range : 20mm – 200mm

Pressure Ratings :

  • PN-2.5
  • PN-3.2

Applications :

  • Water supply in urban and rural areas
  • Irrigation water supply, permanent and portable
  • Drainage, sewage and effluent conveyance
  • Conveyance of chemical and industrial effluent and waste
  • Saline water conveyance
  • Bio-gas, coal gas & natural gas distribution line
  • Compressed airline
  • Sand stowing in mining
  • Telecommunication and electrical cable ducting
  • Connections to submersible pumps in wells and boreholes
  • Undersea, underwater pipelines