Sprinkler Irrigation System IS-17425

Sprinkler Irrigation System IS-17425

Our Company’s Sprinkler Irrigation System is equipped with the capability of sprinkling water just like rainfall. It is a relatively new method of irrigation wherein the water is pumped through pipelines and sprinkled or sprayed across the field using rotating devices known as sprinklers. The rotation is achieved by the pressure of water flowing through the sprinklers themselves. Our experts have designed the system with absolute finesse in a manner that yields utmost irrigation efficiency for all types of agricultural & plantation crops being cultivated across India.

Bharat Polymers Sprinkler Irrigation equipment has the following benefits: 

  • Robust in construction and has the ability to withstand the high operating pressure
  • Water economy, maximum area coverage with minimum available water
  • No runoff of excess water and thus saves soil erosion
  • Suitable for undulating topography which does not require to be levelled
  • Easy installation & operation including lesser maintenance
  • Savings in manpower and energy

Materials :

  • PE-63

Product Range :

50mm – 110mm

Pressure Ratings :

  • PN-2.5